Unavailable devices using ConBee and deCONZ

I now have a couple of unavailable devices in Home Assistant (motion and temperature sensors from Aqara) which previously have been connected. They are to be connected to HA with a ConBee II and deCONZ.

The weird thing with this is that they connect once I restart them and add the in deCONZ again. But after a short while, they become unavailable again. I first thought that the motion sensor was broken, so I got a new one and placed it in the same place. But the same thing happened. I have other Zigbee devices close by and even further away in the same direction from the ConBee. So it’s not out of reach.

They have all good batteries. They also connect when I update the deCONZ integration, but again after a short while they become unavailable.

I have 37 devices connected through deCONZ.

Does someone have any idea where the problem might be, because of deCONZ, ConBee, or the devices?

Aqara motion sensors don’t find the best route themselves like other devices… Look at your connections, are they Greet/yellow?

If not , pair them again to the best nearby repeater, once they are paired, that are stuck on that repeater

Thank you. That sounds like a possible solution. In the deCONZ application (not the Phoscon Web App) some of them are grey and some with a few yellow or green connecting lines.

Do you mean pairing them just by resetting them with the button on the device or is there some way to do this and find the best repeater in the deCONZ software?

Grey is indeed no good :+)

Repair only works indeed by deleting device and start over… Just makz sure you are close to the repeater you want to use… Then repair… If it has chosen that repeater, then place it on final place…

Normally they are stuck then on that repeater and don’t change anymore… So make sure to not remove the repeater

Sometimes it always want to pair with another repeater, even if you are close… So what I do then, I take out my repeater , and move it far away, so that the sensor has no other choise to pair with that specific repeater

Then place repeater back on original position