[Under New Management] Interactive history explorer custom card

Is there the rule described when the card is using timeline and when line charts?

I have e.g. one sensor with state_class: measurement which is displayed as line chart in standard history-graph


but as timeline-bar in history explorer card.


Is it if a uom is available or not? So if if none is defined from the integration, but I want to see line chart in infoPanel nevertheless, then I can still achieves this with a switch in the yaml or only in manipulating the sensor?


Same problem as Marius above. You can override the auto selection of the graph type for entities, domains or device classes with the type setting. But that setting is currently not implemented on the more info override panel (it does work for the normal card though). Should be added in the next release.

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Ah, OK. Thanks. Will wait for this. :+1:

This should work?

    type: line
    lineMode: lines

As it is not working here (for card and dynamically added entity) I wonder, where my did something wrong. Or is it only working for device_class and not for state_class as in the example above? Overwrite via entity is working.

BTW Is there any sensor with state_class measurement, where a timeline is the better choice than a line chart, even without uom and without device_class?

No, only for device classes (or entities or domains), not for state classes.

Probably not. It would make sense to auto select line charts for sensors using this state class.

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while you are at it…

what about a small enhancement here:

when clicking the down arrow we get:

but the arrow remains down…

would it be feasible to do like template-entity-row, and change the arrow to up on an open fold?

Seems silly (yep, me), but I had been clicking about, and found no way to not interact with the onions and make them disappear again, (even navigated away from the view to come back with a clean card), until I realized I had to click the down button again…
ofc, again, silly me, but changing that arrow does make it just that bit more obvious :wink:

Just what i have been looking for, thank you

Thank you for the explanation, i totally understand your direction of sight.
I filed a feature request, if it isn’t much to do i would be really happy, if there are more important things to do i totally understand it.

Thanks Mike


Something bad in my config or “showUnavailable: false” don’t works as entity option ?

  - type: custom:history-explorer-card
    showUnavailable: true
       showUnavailable: false


It is a global option. It does not work per entity.

V1.0.43 is up !

  • This version introduces automatic refresh options. The card supports two settings, automatic refresh when one of the graphed entities change and user defined fixed refresh intervals. Both can be used individually or combined. The more info panel supports automatic refresh only (enabled by default). See the readme under Auto Refresh to see how these settings are managed.

  • An option to show the current entity state for line and bar graphs was added (@madface), see the readme under Showing current sensor values.


  • The type option now works for more info panels (@Mariusthvdb)

  • Sensors with state_class set to measurement will now default to line graphs, even if they don’t have a unit of measure (@arganto)

  • And the dropdown menu arrow now flips when the menu is open :slight_smile:


Auto-Refresh. What great new option. Love it. And thx. for the other changes as well.

This whole one is so great and helpful. Excellent. :+1:

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Thx Alex, looking forward to all new features.

HACS doenst offer it yet though?


it showed minutes after I had posted. all good!

nice touch

HACS limited its update check frequency. In such cases, reload HACS or restart HA.

Hello. Please tell me how to make two readings of one sensor displayed on one graph. For example, temperature and humidity. In the configuration file, I wrote: combineSameUnits: true

Temperature and Humidity have different units, so combineSameUnits won’t combined them because, well, they have different units.

That is, the readings of one sensor cannot be combined?

Thanks for all theses improvements.

Is it possible to add wildcard characters in entityOptions entities names ?

For all measure lineMode: curves is best but for setpoints lineMode: stepped is best

I would like to declare something like:

lineMode: stepped

For setpoints I only have a record when setpoint changes so not often so for setpoints showUnavailable: false is really required. If not I get no drawing at all most of the time.

But for measure it’s interesting to show periods of missing measurements so showUnavailable: true is best unfortunately it’s a global option not working as entityOptions.

I don’t know if it’s easy to do

Any case thank you for this history explorer. Grafana is overkill. Integrated curve are poor. Your is the best

No, but you can use the sensor device class (if your setpoints have a specific one).

You can use a process function to simulate showUnavailable: true for some entities or device classes or domains, even if it’s turned off globally. For example, to show gaps on all temperature sensors, but not on anything else:

showUnavailable: false    # turned off globally, interpolate over missing data by default
  temperature:            # turn it on for temperature sensors, to show missing data as gaps
    process: '["unavailable", "unknown"].includes(state) ? "undefined" : state'

Unfortunately setpoints and measure have same device class.

It’s temperature sensors entity created from climate by template to be able to draw them with history explorer.