Understanding core.entity_registry and why it only shows "integrated" entities


I am trying to understand how the core.entity_registry works. As far as I can see only entities that are discovered by HA and are listed under configuration/integrations are included in the registry. This means that I can see entities such as Sonos and Tradfri but I cannot see the entities related to components such as Volvo On Call that I have setup in configuration.yaml. Another example is that persons are shown but device trackers are not.

The consequence is that when I want to change my entities under configuration/entity registry (which is a great concept) it has a limited scope. The same goes for area. I can only add entities that are shown under integrations to areas.

Is this intentional? Is there something wrong with my setup? If not, is this going to change in the future?

I hope you can clarify this for me.

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Furthermore, the documentation on the page says that the entity registry contains every entity it has ever seen. I don’t know what that means when it doesn’t show me all the entities.

Home Assistant keeps a registry of every entity it has ever seen that can be uniquely identified. Each of these entities will have an entity ID assigned which will be reserved for just this entity.

Use the entity registry to override the name, change the entity ID or remove the entry from Home Assistant. Note, removing the entity registry entry won’t remove the entity. To do that, follow the link below and remove it from the integrations page.

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