Understanding sunset_offset sunrise_offset Adaptive Lighting HACS

Ime trying to get my head around this. Loving the idea and it is working but I need to tweek it.

So do sunset_offset sunrise_offset realy mean seconds (time) or is this some thing to do with position of the sun. Or is it actualy a seconds offset (i.e. 3600 seconds in an hour. And how do the negative and posative numbers work.

For sunset_offset -3600 mean it considers the sun setting 1 hour earlier and would start dimmimg lights 1 houre earlier.
For sunrise_offset so if I wanted to get it to think the sun comes up 1 hour later 3600.

Could experinet with this but it would take several days for me to get it right without understanding it properly.
I set it 5-80% and there is verry little light so I think I need to tweek it.

Also is there osme type of lighting curve that can be set. with my lights it feels the middle brightness is around 25%. Basicaly the curve is that at the bottom it makes a bit fiference then progressivly as it gets nearerer to the top it seems to make less diference.

Would also be good to set duration of the dimming. I.e. start 30 mins before sunset and end 30 mins after (this seems kind of how lighting levels work, well the most dramatin bit at the end of the day). Takes around an houre from it geting dramaticaly darker to fullish darkness.

Curently I have

min_color_temp_kelvin: 2500
max_color_temp_kelvin: 9000
min_mireds: 111
max_mireds: 400
supported_color_modes: brightness, color_temp, hs
color_mode: color_temp
brightness: 140
color_temp_kelvin: 2500
color_temp: 400
hs_color: 28.874, 72.522
rgb_color: 255, 159, 70
xy_color: 0.546, 0.389
icon: mdi:floor-lamp-torchiere
friendly_name: Uplighter Right
supported_features: 32