Unexpected error calling config validator: MAC address

I restarted my HA instance earlier today and upon reload all of my automations were missing from the UI (still present in yaml) and there was a log error of: Unexpected error calling config validator: mac address

The config checker in Dev tools showed the same.
I deleted the last few automations I’d added a few days ago and the check passed. Added them back, failed again.

All of these automations were around a zigbee remote ( YIFAN ZigBee Remote on Amazon). Turns out the remote was showing as unavailable in ZHA and it being a trigger (button presses) was breaking the automation validation.

Pressed a button on the remote, it became available, and the check passed.

Been happy with the remote (though only used less than a week) but this is a big problem.

Assuming there isn’t a hardware solution and the remote may just require the buttons pressed a couple times if not used for awhile (?), is there something in HA I can do to prevent this validation for this automation only? Hesitant to make a system wide change, if there even is one, since this validation may be helpful in other cases.