Unifi component not working after controller upgrade: Failed to scan clients

Just upgraded my Unifi controller to 5.2.9 but now my logs are swamped with “16-10-13 22:06:00 homeassistant.components.device_tracker.unifi: Failed to scan clients: HTTP Error 401: Unauthorized”

Nothing changed to my HAss config or the the unifi controller (only upgraded the controller).

Any ideas?

Using Unifi 5.2.9 with HA30.2.
My unifi device tracker seems to be working fine.

Verify your user/pass is valid for controller and is correct in HA config file

Do you have the same problem as here?

Well nothing was changed to the username/password so that could not be it.

It turned out to be the addition of “site_id: default” to the component which I had to remove to get it working. So although it’s working for me now I can only assume that people that have a non default site ID might have issues with the latest controller version.