Unifi Connect


i have buy the Display 21 from unifi see here: Connect Display - Ubiquiti Store

Very good item, and very good price. I have install the Home Assist APK, all works fine, but the problem is, i can not control the Settings.

I have foud in Driver for Hubitat: https://www.drdsnell.com/projects/hubitat/drivers/UnifiConnectChild-UC-Display-SE-21.groovy

Most Importent is the Controll funktion to switch the Display on/off.

Here you can Control:
Ability to turn on/off the display
Ability to set the volume of the display
Ability to set the brightness of the display
Ability to start/stop locating light
Ability to reboot the display
Ability to check a website (mine) to notify user if there is a newer version of the Driver available

Can anybody make a integration, i will spend for this 500€/USD.

646 euro for an Android tablet?

Yes, but very good quality and good mounting kit.