UniFi devices flipping between home and away

All my UniFi device trackers seem to flip flop between ‘home’ and ‘not_home’ every ten seconds or so (not all of them every time).

Is this normal for the UniFi Network intgration, something wrong with my config or something wrong with my UniFi Controller?

See here… (Wired device count actually goes down to zero at one point)


In my experience anything lower then 30 seconds will have alot of false “home” “not_home”
I have set it to 60 seconds (on the first configure page of the Unifi integration) and that solved my problem.

Since i just use it for heating the 60 seconds is more then fast enough. In my automation i even wait half an hour.

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Thanks. I’d forgotten about that setting in the UniFi configuration settings.
I guess it’s a UniFi thing then.
Shame, but as you say, not a huge problem.


For me the same every 1-2 minflapping away and home. Time set 60 seconds, all things are up to date.
Screenshot_20221210_222144_Home Assistant|230x500
o date.