Unifi Presence Detection for Multiple Sites on the Same Controller

I have a question about the Unifi presence detection integration. I have 6 sites all of which are using usg-pro-4 gateways and site2site vpn so they are all joined together. There are 31 access points (at least 4 per location) and 12 poe switches as well. These are all controlled by a single cloudkey gen2+. I have a separate tab setup for each location in my dashboard. I would like to display badges on each tab of the lovelace ui showing who is currently onsite. Is it possible to set the zone a person is in based on either the claas c subnet (each location uses different subnets) they are in or the mac address of the ap they are connected to and then set the zone as a condition to display the image? Thanks in advance.


Did you manage to solve this? Iā€™m trying to do something similar but at a smaller scale.