Unifi Presence Detection for only a few devices?

I used to run the older unifi device tracker that only kept track of items in the known_devices.yaml file. Now that it is configured with the GUI, it adds every single device in the site (hundreds) instead of just the three that I want to add that are already listed in my known devices file.

So, is there a way to limit the unifi integration to only monitoring three items and not everything on a site?

I’m on .99.3 right now as .100+ broke iOS 2.0 app…

Absolutely. The release notes of 0.98/0.99 details out of ignoring devices work.

I will improve integration documentation on these mechamisms

Thanks! Anything that would help explain how to configure and track just three devices.

It seems that I’ve only been able to use the option to not track new device to prevent tracking of new devices after the initial configuration of the component which adds 100+ devices. And then if I try deleting the unwanted tracking devices with the option checked, they come back after reboot.

That’s how it is, they will pop up and will be enabled or disabled according to your configuration

This is what I’m trying to fix:

Is there a way to prevent these unwanted entities from being created?

Entities yes. Entries in entity registry no

Bummer. I use unavailable state to track things that are broken, and having to sort through an extra 100+ unavailable states for unifi just wont work.

Is there a way to use the older component with the current rev of HA? I just want to specify the three mac addresses that I care about and only track their state.

If they’re disabled in entity registry they are not a part of the state machine so you will get it as you want it

Sorry, but it a bit ridiculous to disable manually two hundreds devices in entity registry. It would be better to automatically add either only known_devices entities or manually specify only needed devices in

   - platform: unifi

platform config.

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You can disable all entities from the integration Gui. Then you can enable those you are interested in.

Known devices is not supported with the new device trackers

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Do you really propose to manually deactivate 250 items via GUI?? Very user oriented approach…
Sorry, in this case it’s better not to use this integration. Most of my friends who use HA decided the same.
I hoped there is any convenient solution.

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I suggested the convenient way, you just interpreted it too literal. Press the cog wheel inside the integration disable tracking what types you are not interested in and then enable those you want

My problem is they keep all re-enabling as well. Everytime I do a toggle or a change, it adds all the devices or turns on RX/TX sensors. I have 100’s of devices on my network, all segmented, and I just want 4-10 in there to track. I have deleted the integration and redone it multiple times and seems every since updating to 101, its just been more problematic for me getting device states to stay right.

I think I’ve found what you are looking for, but correct me if I am wrong.

When you go to settings -> integrations -> Unifi Controller click up in the upper right corner on the cogwheel in the message bubble. This will open a setting which let you disable the auto-add feature.
The other button (just the cog) has three settings which are a bit odd as the option to track wired clients is off at my site, but those clients do get detected.

After that you need to manually delete or hide all the already added entities.

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Any suggestion how to delete hundreds of devices? They were added by Unifi integration. I disabled auto add, but devices are still here.

same issue here, the default value should be disabled entity
and we can enable what we want instead of disabling 100s devices :frowning:

The unifi integration has become a very counter productive method of tracking devices

Why can’t we set it in the configurationm.yaml and set it to track specific IPs or mac addresses of those 2 devices (our phones) instead of adding ALL the devices then disabling then enabling etc…

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Just remove it from your config and move on. It appears the devs aren’t listening to the users, just not clear why.


To be honest I think the devs are listening, it just costs more time to prioritize all the changes and program them in their spare time then we users give them. The reason a dev isn’t reacting to every request with the line: yeah sure, i’ll build that tomorrow.
Is because first they have more things to do that program every feature request that comes across. Also, and more important, if they would build all features it would very soon become a very feature rich environment with so many configuration stuff that it’s not a nice platform to work with.
So, give them time to let it sink in and see for themselves what the importance of the feature is.
I too want this feature, but to be fair, am also happy with a good workaround. Since it’s possible to disable future discovery it is only necessary to use it at initial installation.

I do listen. This year has been overwhelming on the work front. Most of my hass time this year has been focused on improving unifi. And to my knowledge the main issue of this thread of not having all those entities created and being disabled has been improved?