Unifi stopped working? (Hassio 0.84.6)

Hi All

I noticed errors after after updating hassio and my tracking on Unifi doesn’t work anymore.
I haven’t changed any password or configurations on Unifi and HA
Running HA on a Rasp3 B+

Error setting up platform unifi
9:36 PM components/device_tracker/init.py (ERROR)
Failed to connect to Unifi: Login failed - status code: 500
9:36 PM components/device_tracker/unifi.py (ERROR)
Ended unfinished session (id=8 from 2019-01-07 18:49:11.951725)
9:36 PM components/recorder/init.py (WARNING)

Anyone with the same problem?

Which unifi component are you running?

Where did you upgrade from?

If you are using the Unifi component that connects to the controller, have you ensured your controller is still running?

Hi @silvrr I am using the “build” in unifi component hassio
I upgraded hassio through the UI
Yes the controller is running fine, also checked that the “key” in http the path to the controller “key” is not changed



Maybe its updating the Unifi controller that breaks it?

If you are wanting to run the device tracker using the controller I would go the manual configuration route.

I think the integration is only for the POE switch at this point.

84.6 shouldn’t be an issue, I’m on 84.5 and it runs fine. There was nothing related to unifi in 84.6.

I think I’m on the same controller version also so that shouldn’t be an issue.

The manual config linked above has been rock solid for me. I would go that route and skip the integration unless you need the POE control.

@silvrr ok I misunderstood I thought you meant a special installed addon

Yes I have been running with the configuration for + 1 year and it has been solid…

## Unifi
  - platform: unifi
    port: 8443
    username: !secret unifi_username
    password: !secret unifi_password
#     - 'speedzone'
#     - 'guest'
    verify_ssl: False
    site_id: !secret unifi_siteid
# 30    
    interval_seconds: 30
    consider_home: 1200
#   detection_time: 300
      track_new_devices: True
      hide_if_away: False

But now I keep getting the above errors?
I did a move from Rasp 3 to a 3 B+ but with a clean install and then a restore of backup…
and that worked - but now it dosent

Is there anything I can delete and reboot to try to resolve this error?

Update, there seem to be a login error for some on the cloud key after the last update.
Purging the key and reinstalling the newest firmware and afterwards restoring my settings cleared things up!
Lessons learned: Its not always HA that breaks integration :wink: