Unifi ubiquiti controller add on integration

Hello! I am trying to move my UniFi controller from my laptop (Windows) to the UniFi Network Application installed on Home Assistant. laptop is running the Network 8.0.24 of the network application. I have a USG-3P router and 2 wifi access point.

I have created a backup on the laptop, shut down the controller there and imported the configuration in the controller running on the Home Assistant device. (Network 8.2.93)

What happened there is that I can see both Ubiquiti devices on the new controller but they are continuously in the Adopting status and switching to Offline status occasionally for a few seconds. I’m assuming this is not expected behavior and that devices should have been adopted by the new controller?

This is due to the devices not getting the correct IP address for the inform mechanism. It’s probably due to the HA-hosted controller providing its container IP address, which won’t get an answer when the devices call it.

SSH into each device in turn and issue this command, replacing with the LAN IP address of your HA machine:


Confirm that they adopt correctly, then you can override the inform address in the controller settings (Settings / System / Advanced / Inform Host on my 8.2.93 controller).

I have to do the set-inform on my home APs each time I update, as I can’t find a solution for the inform host setting that works for both my home site on the LAN and my remote church site adopting over the internet.

it worked !
the inform message was available in the old controller and via a select option this was possible !!!

thx a lot !

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