Unifi Viewport Not Showing All Live Views in Unifi Protect Integration

Have had the Unifi Protect Integration set up for quite some time with several cameras. Just added my first Unifi Protect View Port today and noticed that it is not showing the additional Live Views which I have created in the Unifi Protect App. In the dropdown for the device in home assistant all I see is the Default View. The integration has been set up with it’s own user profile, with full access privileges to the Unifi Protect App. I have several automations which modify camera settings, so I know that these privileges work, at least for the cameras. Tried reloading the integration and home assistant several times. Any idea why I can’t see the additional Live Views in the home assistant?

Just solved my own problem! The problem was that I was creating new Live Views in the Unifi Protect App under my main admin account, but apparently those live views (grids, single cameras, etc.) do not carry over to other accounts i.e. my home assistant specific Unifi account which the integration runs under. Therefore the solution was to log into Unifi Protect using the HA specific account and create the live views there, then reload the integration.

Slightly OT but I was wondering if View Port was integrated - so you have a dropdown for the views in HASS and if you change the dropdown the live view displayed by View Port will change on your display?

That makes the device seem a lot more useful. Can you control if/which audio is output for a view?