Update cost energy data value


I had a power outage for several hours, and when the power has been restored I loosed the connection between the ZigBee equipment that is measuring my power consumption and my ZigBee controler.
I had to setup again it, and it have generate unwanted value.

So I went through the Developer tools / Statistics to update the value coming from my equipment.
But, the associated cost, calculated on the energy panel have not been updated at the same time. And I’m not able to find them.

As you can see on this screen shot both Index HC bleu and Index HP bleu have energy consumption while ths cost is at 0.
Also, the Index injecté (solar energy produced sent to the power grid) is about 33 kWh, and cost associated have been calculated of more than 740€ (for 1 day). You can imagine it’s not the case (unfortunately for me :sweat_smile: )

Can you indicate me where I can update these Cost values ?

The cost is its own statistic, you can edit it in the similar way as you edit the consumption. If you didn’t specify your own statistic id for it, it would just be the same name with _cost appended to the end.

Ohhh, looking again, I found them, and why I wasn’t able to found them previously…

I was searching by the name so something like Index HC bleu cost, but in fact, I should search based on Statistic id.

Like that:

And for power sent to the grid, it’s called _compensation:

Thank you for your support.