Update entities


when I modify the name or if I add a new entitie those modifications are not seen by Node-red.

I have to restart Hass and node-red …

Is it possible to update modifications in node red without restart Hass … ?

restart node-red

thank you

There is no menu in the nod-red interface to do that ?


If you’re running hassio, use the hassio menu to restart node-red.

If you’re using node-red in some other fashion, use it

Thanks, very important to know.

In the future, it would be good to address this… Either by adding a restart option to the Node Red menu (Hassio), or ideally, sense when this it necessary upon launch of Node Red. It can be pretty frustrating for those that are not aware of it.

I added and renamed some z-wave entities over the last 2 months couldn’t understand why Node Red’s autocomplete was not working very well. Last week, I renamed some entities and updated my flows to use the new name (even though it kept suggesting the old name), and re-deployed the flows, only to discover the next day that lights weren’t turning on, and going back into Node Red, to find the old names were there again, only to try changing them again… etc.

That said, I know we are all grateful to have the integration in the first place. :slight_smile:

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It’s the same as getting home assistant to discover new entities. Why does the consistent model applied seem to be “restart the whole component” rather than "refresh your list?