Update multiple Duck DNS domains

I have configured the Duck DNS+Let’s Encrypt addon and it works fine, but I have other Duck DNS domains to update (linked to the same account) (the RPi4B that I use as a server is the only machine in my network that is always running).
Is there a way to update multiple domains with the addon, or there is a stand-alone-just-duckdns-client addon? (I know there is the HA integration, but I don’t know if it’s being used by the addon or if I can have multiple instances running).

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I have the same problem and duckdns on windows not working and the new way is running an Android emu to run the duckdns apk. To running multiple domains on HA is solve many problems because HA running always… Anyone for help?

Hi, there have been a few updates to the standard Duck DNS Addon, and now it supports both IPv6 addresses and multiple domains (if they are registered under the same account), so you can simply use that by adding your different domains in the config.