Update of Zwave JS with more options?


Are you planning to update ZwaveJS with more options like a map with graphical routes ? Force to use a route ?
I experience a lot of lags on my Z-Wave network, i have ~50 devices but all powered by usb and close to each other.
I can’t make it work with actual tools.
I like to stay with official add-ons but if there is no plan to add features, i think i’ll need to switch to ZwaveJS UI.


I would guess a graphical network map isn’t coming to HA anytime soon. Z-Wave features are mostly provided by community members (mostly a single person), not core HA members. If “you” is the core HA team, they aren’t really listening.

You can’t manually set routes in Z-Wave JS yet, so even if you switch you won’t have that feature.

Also, keep in mind the graphical network map on its own is practically useless as it is often unreliable and only shows neighbor information, not routing of messages. However, you can access the routing information and perform health checks from the network map, and that functionality is very useful for troubleshooting.

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