Update sensor data

Hi there,
is there any way how to force update sensor data?
I have e.g. SmartThings multipurpose sensor, or waterleak sensor which measures temperature as well.
But I often see temperature was last updated 1 hour ago, or even 3 hours ago.
Not sure what is trigger for these values to be updated and if there is any way I can say I would like to refresh these data every x minutes, for example.

Thank you

What happens if you put a lighter below it. Does it update within reasonable time?

If yes then I believe that the sensor sends the data but HA just ignore it because it’s the same value as last time.
That is the default way HA stores data.

OK, seems it is working as you wrote. The update is only when value/status is changed. Thanks
not sure how this works for temperature. As I see temperature is reported on 2 decimal places and I do not expect each time second decimal place is changed sensor reports, that would probably cause almost permanent reporting of the temperature

But still …
---- I do not understand on thing and it does not seems OK to me. I have serveral Smart things multipurpose sensors on my windows and it is updating status for Open/Closed but it is not for temperature - and of course if there is window open temperature is changing (especially when we are having now mornings with 5 degrees Celsius.
So the same sensor, but contact was changed several times today, but temperature not for whole 3 days. Strange for me, and not sure how that data sending works. And if I have any option to force the temperature entity to be updated

Are you sure the sensor works? That looks like a sensor with connection issues/not working.

I am sure it works in terms of Open/Close state, because if I am looking into HA and open/close the window it immediately changes the state in HA
But I have the same with water leak sensor (again SmartThings) which has no problem to report leak but temperature was not updated 4 days (and for sure the temp in the bathroom is not the same whole 4 days)
So I am wondering if this could be something different, not single sensor related?