Update to 0.113.x fails without error log

I am currently running HassIO with Home Assistant Core 0.112.4, which runs fine.

But when I update to 0.113.x, which tooks some time, it automatically rolls backs to 0.112.4.
Which probably is an indication that some error occurs, or?!

When I use an empty configuration.yaml (without my package declaration) the update works.
But after 0.113.x started and I activated my configuration again, it doesn’t start up.
Only the message that Home Assistant is starting is printed … but this doesn’t finish.

What’s rather strange … I couldn’t find any error message in the log file :frowning:.


i had similar problems. This helped me:

  • fritzbox integration deactivated
  • device_tracking deactivated in configuration.yaml

Thanks, but I already deactivated device_tracking and fritzbox_integration is not used.

Still the same problem, must be one of the other integrations.

I am using Modbus and KNX, any known problem with this?