Update with eth0

My network setup contains two network locations.
eth0 = 192.168.0.x and wlan0 = 192.168.120.x
wlan0 is not connected to the internet, eth0 is. this setup is necessary to communicate with certain devices via wifi.
The problem is now every time I have to do an update, Home Assistant wants to do it via wlan0. This is of course not possible. To solve the problem I have to change the ip-address of wlan0 to 192.168.0.x. This can’t be the intention.

Is it possible to assign network eth0 for an update?

I’m not sure what the network configuration looks like on Home Assistant OS because I use Home Assistant Container.
However, you need to change the routes. If you have the option to delete wlan0's default gateway, or something like that, do so.