Updated Snips Voice Assistant Addon

If anyone would like to test i have a new version of the snips addon in this repository: https://github.com/tschmidty69/hassio-snips. It seems to work only using the mosquitto mqtt client instead of the built in one, so install and get that running first.

This updates the add on to use the latest version of snips and adds a default assistant that can trigger the built in intents provided by conversation and shopping_list.

Add this to your configuration:



    name: test light
    initial: off

Example utterances:

Hey snips, add beer to my shopping list
I’ve added beer to your shopping list

Hey Snips, what is on my shopping list
These are the top 1 items on your shopping list, beer

Hey Snips, turn the test light off
Turned off the test light

With a USB mic and speakers hooked up to a pi 3, TTS works for response and the snips_say services.

This will provide a good example for you to see what snips can do.

So, Snips fixed their entrypoint I presume?

Adding the toml stuff is nice, and also configuring the IN and OUT topics :slight_smile:
This will mean you can bridge directly from a client to a server because the audiotopic is not being published right?

Yes exactly.

I have checked the latest docker image, I believe the issue is still there.
I have been using version 0.6.5. since the beginning and the same error is still there.
When I am back home, I will make sure to check if I have used the latest image and see if I still get that error.

But your additions are great :slight_smile:

Thanks. I opened an issue for the to retag it. If you want to you can pull homeassistant/arm-addon-snips:0.51.14 to get our latest build or snipsdocker/arm-latest

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Thank you, I just tried it yesterday and indeed the Built-in Add-On stiil seems to have the unsupported bustype error.
Will probably be solved soon :slight_smile:

I am going to try your add-on, seems just what I need

Core Snips works fine now! Brigded a Pi3 with Core Snips to my NAS with HA running.

I also created a custom hotword addon: Snowboy.

Read under Snowboy Hotword

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