Updates keep breaking basic stuff

Hi All

I have updated to the latest version 0.93.2 of Hass.ip RASP3

And found that multiple things stopped working (More than usual) I hope to get some pointers to how to fix the most critical ones

For some reason all the Sonoff with tasmota stopped working.
(I have Tasmoadmin and they all work here)

I have them as a lamp and a switch they don’t work anymore?

But using the Sonoff admin works same name?
Log files does not give me much information…

2) Binary sensors

I can see that the sensors are working so node-red that is having problems?

Looking here I now get:

Scheduler is not connecting anymore?

Plex play sensor not working anymore?

Also I update every 2-3 months so I am not to far behind in versioning
And every time I spend 1-3 days finding out what does not work anymore and how to fix it

I really like HA, but its to time consuming for me and family complaining things is not working.
So can anyone recommend a alternative controller solution?
I am willing to spend the money if I can get a setup with minimum intervention?

Again thanks love this forum, and the many people who help again and again finding solutions to new problems, just don’t have the time for it anymore.

Or I could try to fix this and stop updating HA…?


You didn’t say which version you updated from but there was a recent…ish update where some of the entity ID’s changed so check the dev tools to make sure the ID there matches the ID in Lovelace.

For zero dollars/euros/shekels? OpenHAB. All it will cost you is many hours of learning a very different system and converting to it.

For hundreds of dollars/euros/shekels? There are many commercial solutions. Plus the cost of many hours of learning a very different system and converting to it.

Or you can just spend a few hours reviewing Home Assistant’s Release Notes, and reading posts made by other members who encountered upgrade issues, before performing the upgrade. That’s what I do and I experiment with the new version on a separate test system (an old laptop) before upgrading my production system (an old netbook). It still takes time but there’s less negative impact to the household.

Sorry I don’t have any solutions, but I’ve noticed similar things in my own updates, somewhere between v0.90 and v0.93 I lost my Broadlink S1C sensor as well as my Broadlink RM Pro functionality.

From what I’ve seen, there was a change in the custom_components handling of Home Assistant.

I checked the State ID and it is the same?
When I try to use the toogle as switch or light it just toogles back?
Naming is the same:

and here:

no changes to tasmota settings or MQT?