Updating install from 2022.7.7 to 2022.8 makes HA slow

Yesterday I updated my Raspberry Pi from 2022.7.7 to the new 2022.8. After the update succeeded the whole system is very slow. Interface is slow loading, tested on different browsers on different machines (linux and Mac). Add-ons are so slow the UI does not load. Node-red f.e. loads if I call the interface directly, but not in Lovelace.

iOS app is also very slow and even clicking a switch has a delayed action!

Cannot see anything relevant in the logs.

Cross posted here from Discord. I am downgrading now…

Any thoughts ? Is it the Bluetooth, but I have not configured it. I did delete the ISS integration because it had a lot of errors in the log.

Any thoughts… Or if I can upload logs to help dev

SOLVED. Updating here so it might help others.

I could not restore backups or upgrade. I suspected more and more something was wrong with the Lovelace interface.

In the end I power cycled the Pi… and everything worked flawless… I updated to 2022.8.1 and everything is good.

Something must have crashed …