Upgrade from 0.83 to 0.83.1 Problem - Can´t access anything

You make one BIG assumption and that is that simple users (like me) can determine whether a release note has impact on our configuration. Not criticizing anyone, because it is amazing what we can do with home assistant all built by very smart volunteers, but it’s not uncommon with software developers that they are focusing on their development and not considering anything else. Don’t think it would have been that hard for the developer of this ‘Owntracks’ enhancement to ensure that existing configuration does NOT take down HA. He could e.g. have bypassed the old setup and write an error into a log… just my 2 cents.


I agree this owntracks change was not well signalled in the release notes. However it is now well covered in this forum.

Had the same issue yesterday and can confirm removing the owntrack entry in configuration.yaml solved the issue.

I saw no release notes. HA had a one-click button to upgrade, so I clicked it. If there were release notes link offered, it didn’t get in the way of me clicking that button.

Appreciate the work everyone is doing on HA. I suggest more roadblocks in front of people before offering to upgrade. Maybe present the release notes and add a “yes, I read the release notes and understand the risks” checkbox or something. That would have gotten my attention and made me realize this was not going to be as easy as it looks.

The release notes are always linked on home-assistant.io.

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and there is a link right next to the Update button. Don’t blame the devs if you don’t read the notes. They are not hidden! The assumption is you are an adult and you can take responsibility for your actions.

It wasn’t my intention to blame the devs at all. I was just confirming the issue and solution and sharing my experience to help others who may be experiencing something similar and are searching for solutions. I upgrade a lot of software and read a lot of release notes, and generally agree with you. I will trust polished upgrade buttons, though, in certain cases, and this was one of those (though I know better now).

This is a great project with a supportive, positive community. If my post came across otherwise, I apologize.


After updating I am having the following error when using the popup-card. Any suggestions on how I can fix it?

https://myduckdns/frontend_latest/8ee9235853b66c6b78f9.chunk.js:3254:365 Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property ‘replaceChild’ of null

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