Upgrade python on HA Core (running on Proxmox)

Searched the forum and did a websearch but don’t think I found relevant the right info.

In my LXC, I get: Python 2.7.16
In venv: Python 3.7.3
and HA info shows Python Version 3.8.7

Can anyone give me some pointers on how to upgrade to python 3.9 please?

  1. Install Python 3.9 - you may have to do that by building from source
  2. Remove the old venv
  3. Create a new one

This guide covers it in more detail, but that’s basically it

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I did just this and had a few hiccups (but it’s all working now) like some python pip stuff that my config needed.

Had to read the logs loads and manually install a few bits.

Hi @Tinkerer, I did a testrun in a new container and got a segmenation fault running make.

Does it matter that I’m still on Proxmox 6x and Debian Buster?

I’m guessing you skipped the part titled Crashes?

Oops; didn’t get to that point yet since I was going step by step.

Still, after that and leaving out the CFLAGS line, still a segmentation fault…