Upgrades break HA Web UI


I’m a semi-newbie to HA, noticed the last couple of upgrades after the reboot I can ping, cli, UNC to HA but cant access via the Web UI.
Last time it happened and I couldnt work out what happened I rebuilt it, then when I performed the latest update the same issue happened.

How can I troubleshoot this issue?

Are you giving time for the upgrade to process?

Do you have a samba connection established to read the logs?

I kick off the upgrade within the UI and left it running, came back the next day and no UI access.

Yes I do, will take a look.


Same issue again so must be something I’m doing.
I started over again and its been working fine for days, as I started to add more (DuckDNS and Configurator) after a reboot I have no web UI.
I can browse to the SMB share ok.

What am I doing? What can I look for in the logs and how can I resolve this?