Upgrading from v0.73 to v0.111

I was using v0.73 and now considering an upgrade to the latest v0.111, ans use the following devices:
-apple TV
-Multiple marantz and Sony TV(custom component)
-Future Automation Lift
-Benq Projector(custom component)

Can anyone guide with the changes I would need to make in configuration.yaml and API calls??

And what could be the challenges I might face?

v0.114 is the latest with 0.115 to be released within the next week or so
Honestly there have been so may breaking changes between 0.76 and now your best best would be to start fresh. It may seem like the harder option but believe me it will be simpler


You have 2 options:

  1. Read all the release notes from 0.73 to v.111 (or .115 by now). No one will do this for you :wink:
  2. Click the upgrade button, pray, and clear off your evenings for the next week to fix all the breaking changes

Whatever you decide, make sure you make a supervisor snapshot or backup and make a copy of it somewhere safe before upgrading. You may decide to downgrade after you see what happens… But it will be worth perservering and fixing everything.

Good luck, and next time don’t wait so long between releases!


For knx you can read https://xknx.io/migration_ha_0115.html

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To upgrade in one go is almost certainly going to fail or cause significant problems.

I would be inclined to incrementally upgrade, say, five versions at a time. See what’s broken, fix it, leave it a few days to make sure all is good and then do the next increment. At least that way you have a fighting chance of fixing the problems.

Good luck!


I attempted a similar exercise a while back from 74x to 86x in a Venv. More trouble than its worth. A fresh install was the easiest option.

I stopped at 96.4 for personal reasons so the best advice is start from scratch.


I think this depends greatly on the complexity of your setup. I regularly wait 6-7 major releases and while it’s a bit painful, it’s not even 1% of the work it would be to start over with my complex setup. And more recent releases haven’t been nearly as bad as the ones in the .7x vintage which had massive amounts of breaking changes. Sometimes I can even get away with upgrading 3 major versions with almost no problems these days.