Upload of yaml file not happening

The current version is 2022.12.3 :wink:

aah sorry.
Well, the best I can remember from 2 years ago, I flashed an sd card with the relevant img file, using balena etcher on a linux system.
HA is on my Pi3, and I’m not sure I put esphome on the Pi3??? To be honest I don’t remember, and if I had to start again I’d have to google it all

Do you mean the addons as in integrations in HA

No I mean addons, like here Open your Home Assistant instance and show your Supervisor dashboard.

Thanks for the clarification.
As there is no update icon / button for the addon ESPHome, I can’t update it directly. I noticed the Auto Update selection? was off, so I turned it on. Now it seems I have to wait until a new version of ESPHome is installed. Unless there is another way of doing so.

I know at some point they changed the repository URL,
You can also check this post.
If I understand correct, you can just delete the old addon, and the new version should become available, although some people have to add it manually by adding GitHub - esphome/home-assistant-addon: ESPHome Home Assistant Add-on ;maybe the ‘Add integration’ from here also works

In my case I had to add it manually using the Add-On page with the 3 dots:


I installed a new esphome addon , then uninstalled the old version.
Now when I look at my yaml file, at the bottom, with old version it said EDIT VALIDATE lOGS, with the new version, it now says UPDATE EDIT LOGS .
At the top right corner of the said file, it says OFFLINE in red letters.

Advice please.

What version do you have now?

Does it compile and upload?

It doesn’t really mean that it ain’t working, do you see data when you hit ‘logs’? A common reason it doesn’t become ‘available’ is due to mDNS issues in your router (using a fixed IP solves it in mist cases) as Nickrout said, did it compile and upload?

If you do see logs, the esp unit probably popped up under ‘integrations’

I have the latest version of esphome 2022.12.5 now. I had the option of downloading the file and now using esphome-flasher, but it seems to be taking forever. like 1 hour plus to upload the .bin file.

Well what do the logs show? At the risk of you ignoring advice like you did in your last thread, I’ll post this for you to read again. All of it, implement it. How to help us help you - or How to ask a good question - #3

Sorry I was busy reading the logs and was going to edit that above post.

INFO Trying to reconnect to home.local in the background
INFO Successfully connected to home.local
[18:45:49][D][api:102]: Accepted ::FFFF:
[18:46:04][D][api.connection:918]: ESPHome Logs 2022.12.5 (::FFFF: Connected successfully
[18:46:04][D][api:102]: Accepted ::FFFF:
[18:46:04][D][api.connection:918]: ESPHome Logs 2022.12.5 (::FFFF: Connected successfully
[18:46:04][I][app:102]: ESPHome version 2022.12.5 compiled on Jan 23 2023, 10:40:08
[18:46:04][C][wifi:504]: WiFi:
[18:46:04][C][wifi:362]:   Local MAC: 24:62:AB:F3:0B:70
[18:46:04][C][wifi:363]:   SSID: [redacted]
[18:46:05][C][wifi:364]:   IP Address:
[18:46:05][C][wifi:366]:   BSSID: [redacted]
[18:46:06][C][wifi:367]:   Hostname: 'home'
[18:46:06][C][wifi:369]:   Signal strength: -81 dB ▂▄▆█
INFO home.local: Ping timed out!
INFO Disconnected from ESPHome API for home.local
WARNING Disconnected from API
INFO Successfully connected to home.local
INFO home.local: Ping timed out!
INFO Disconnected from ESPHome API for home.local
WARNING Disconnected from API
WARNING Can't connect to ESPHome API for home.local: Timeout while connecting to ('', 6053)
INFO Trying to reconnect to home.local in the background

I did look at that page and did a search but I didn’t find any specifically related to my initial problem

If you had read that page I wouldn’t have needed to ask you for your version, or your logs.

I assume this is a different board from the one you posted the yaml for here Wher do I enter lines for a sensor in yaml file - #17 by Rob_Heselwood ?

Can you ping it by name? By ip address?

The esp32 is plugged into a usb port on my laptop, COM7, and I can’t see why it is struggling to connect. I have an excellent wifi signal and in this room the signal is -35Db, as it is more or less next to my router.

No, the ip address is unreachable. What name is it, esp32, or file name??
I think I will just stop it and try it on a windows 7 system

The log file is now showing it is measuring temperature etc from the BM680

I can now ping the esp32 board’s IP address ok and the yaml file was installed quickly in a win7 system using the ESPHome web service .
As it is not showing up in HA I guess I need to set a static IP address, as presently it connects by a dhcp assigned ip address.


Your wifi signal is also very low…
I have one esp01 at -61dB, and it really is slow… can’t imagine what -81dB will be like…

yes, but that was what it said during the upload, but in reality the wifi signal is actually -35Db, because the laptop is in the same room as my router.
Anyway, I’ll set a static ip address

The fixed IP is just a hunch, it can also just be a flaky esp module.
I myself am a fan of esp01, as they are very cheap (2-3€), but occasionally, some of them just ain’t working right). So if you happen to have another one laying around, can’t hurt to try that one :wink:

On my win10 laptop I get a download speed of 120mb/s by wifi, so that should be fast enough for my esp32dev board

Yeah, theoretically it should, but it wouldn’t be the first time I encounter a flaky ESP module