Url scheme jump to page?

So you can open the iOS App via url scheme “homeassistant://”, but is there any way to use this to jump to a specific lovelace page? Like “homeassistant://lovelace/cctv” ?

I’ve tried multiple variations (with and without “lovelace” and with additional /), but no luck

I’ve looked for this as well, but no success. This is the only page that seems to have info, but no mention of a simple “jump to lovelace view” linking scheme. :upside_down_face:

Hoping it’s implemented but not documented, as I’d really like to link some things to my cameras view.

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Hopefully its on a roadmap - really without getting prompted to open the application as well.

Does anybody know if this works now with the 2020.3 version?

If tried it but no luck … from the changelog it seems to be only for the URLs inside notifications and not as an URL handler