US outdoor energy monitoring plug

Looking for a good energy monitoring plug for outdoors in the US that is not cloud dependent.

Going to be turning pool sweep on an off. What’s happening is my pool sweep gets stuck on steps and shuts itself off before finishing 2 hour job. I want to detect if power draw goes to nothing before 2 hour job like normal and then if so cycle outlet to kick off another job.

Open to suggestions, thanks.

I have an outlet and dimmer version and they work great.

Minoston Z-Wave Outdoor Plug with Energy Monitoring, Built-in Repeater Range Extender, Z-Wave Hub Required, Alexa and Google Assistant Compatible(MP22ZP)

Thanks for confirming this one works. What stats are surfaced to HA?

@Cbarth3 what did you have to do to get yours to work? im getting an error in zwave js

DRIVER no handlers registered!

Fyi ended up restarting zwave js and then it was connected, weird.

I have seen zwave devices needing to be connected more than once to show up correctly.