USB Bluetooth Dongle - Raspberry Pi4 HA Core

I have recently added a USB bluetooth dongle to my raspberry pi4 due to range issues with my Yale Front door lock causing drop outs.

Still a relative noob when it comes to all things home assistant. I have searched and searched for a solution on how to ensure that the raspi is only using the USB Bluetooth Dongle instead of the inbuilt bluetooth to ensure that the range issues are mitigated.

What is the best solution here…? I am pretty sure that HA has picked up on the controller, still need to work through which controller is which (Should be as simple as unplugging USB - Restarting and seeing which controller remains, unfortunately the Pi is not in an exclusively accessible location at the moment due to some rewiring occurring in the house)

Probably disabling the builtin bluetooth.

You are probably better off adding a Olimex ESP32 Power-over-Ethernet ISO for this use case