USB Bluetooth on HA Supervised

I am trying to get a USB Bluetooth dongle to work on a Supervised install. HA currently sees the dongle but fails when initializing the integration The docs (Bluetooth - Home Assistant) state

For Bluetooth to function on Linux systems:

The D-Bus socket must be accessible to Home Assistant.
The Bluetooth adapter must be accessible to D-Bus and running BlueZ >= 5.43. It is highly recommended to use BlueZ >= 5.63 as older versions have been reported to be unreliable.
The D-Bus implementation should be dbus-broker.
The host system should be running Linux kernel 5.15.62 or later.

The one item that is getting me is passing the dbus socket through to the HA container which I think is my issues as it’s the one thing I haven’t done. Lower in the docs they show a code snipped for a docker-compose file. For the life of me I cannot find where HA Supervised configures the actual HA container itself.

For what it is worth, HA sees the dongle and tries to provision it as Hci0 but fails and I assume that is because of dbus missing in the container. The socket is alive and well as I can see it in /var/run/dbus on the host.

How do I do this? Especially the “right” way so upgrades and the Supervisor don’t clobber the change and I don’t make Supervised “unblessed”.

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Ok, so this was a royal pain and what I get for a Realtek based adaptor. Essentially the firmware files don’t exist in Debian or Debian non-free repos. I finally got the files installed (following various Debian blog posts, Gists half in Cyrillic) and got the adapter not complaining in syslog. Fine - but bluetoothctl couldn’t manage the adapter. The devices shows as working (ZEXMTE Z01) but the amount of fuggery so far has made me say screw it and let me get something CSR8510A10 based and see what happens.

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Final fix for any Googlers - I said screw Supervised (having run a Supervised install for ~3 years). Spun up an HAOS instance, restored a backup to the new HAOS instance, passed through the BT dongle, everything worked perfectly with no twiddling. Lesson learned.

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