USB Boot m2 nvme on an Raspberry Pi 3b

I am trying to boot the ha image from a m2 nvme ssd. PCIe to USB 3.1.

It doesn`t work. I have a Raspberry Pi 3b. Is it possible to boot?

I have already changed the boot

echo program_usb_boot_mode=1 | sudo tee -a /boot/config.txt

Thank you.

Can you boot Raspi OS or Debian? I am running Raspi OS Lite on a Pi 3B+. If you can run the Debian image you could run the supported Supervised install to get most all the features of HaOS. You need to maintain OS updates yourself though.

Raspi OS is not working. The LED of the ssd is going off after about 20 seconds.

If I try to boot the Raspi OS the green LED of the Raspi is blinking but it doesn`t boot. I had connected a screen. The tab is just blinking on a black screen.

Perhaps people on a Raspberry Pi forum have ideas. The fact Raspi OS does not boot indicates something outside Home Assistant image itself causing the issue.