USB device disappears in

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I am running in a VirtualBox VM on Windows Server. I have a Aeotec USB stick Z-Wave controller that is mapped to the HASS VM. Recently (maybe two-three weeks since I’ve noticed something is amiss) the USB device has started disappearing and therefore HASS loses its ability to control the Z-Wave network.

If you look in the ZwaveJS configuration panel, the USB device is missing (normally it’s dev/serial/by-id/usb-0658_0200-if00; when it disappears, it’s not in the drop-down list)

I would say that this is something that has either occurred as a result of my updating VirtualBox from 6.1.18 to 6.1.20 (now .22) or as part of the HASS 2021.4 update cycle.

If I reboot the host, the device comes back, so I don’t need to relaunch the VM, suggesting to me it’s something on the level of But I don’t really understand enough about VMs/Docker, so I am willing to accept it’s on the VirtualBox side.

Is anyone else seeing recently?