USB UPS not getting recognized


I have attached 2 UPSes to Home Assistant (running on Pi4) with the desire of getting the status of both.

They are of different brands, one is an APC, which is correctly listed and recognized via lsusb.
The other is a Borri which instead is not getting recognized and I can see via lsusb it come and goes, meaning once it was listed as 001:33, fw minutes later it was 001:118, and the device number keeps increasing.

I have the same problem with other Alpine based VMs (running on ESXi) as well as plain Alpine running on RPi4. The problem is not present on Debian or Raspbian.

As a consequence, despite I configured the vendorid on the NUT Add-On, the device is not getting passed to the NUT container.

Would anyone have a suggestion on how to get this USB device reliably detected and connected?