Use GA "ok google" trigger as a trigger for HA automations

Is there a way to use “ok google” as a trigger for automations?

To be clear: I don’t mean after you give GA a complete command like “ok google do xyz”. I mean directly after “ok google” has been detected and GA is actively listening for the rest of your command

So it would look something something like this in order of execution:
“ok google” {HA AUTOMATION TRIGGERS HERE} “do xyz”

Short answer - no. HA has no way of knowing about it at that point.

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As Tinkerer has said, the short answer is certainly no, but what is wrong with a few more words? I have Google setup such that I can simply say ‘hey google, activate the alarm’ and it will start a HA script for me. It’s not what you are specifically wanting to achieve but…

The idea is that the GA will start listening, so for example run the automation on muted speakers in the room, because the GA will understand you elsewhere. I would be interested in such automation.