Use "HUE Essentials" effects in HA

Hi All,

I want playing around to get the effects created in “Hue Essentials” app in HA. This is what I did:

I followed this tutorial to get a username from the HUE bridge that we need for HA:

Then in a browser you can use this link to get al effects:


You get something like this:

{"44022":{"name":"Alles-in-één regenboog","description":"HueEssentialsEffect_1_Rainbow all-in-one","type":"Link","classid":18,"owner":"2cfe76e4-055d-4591-bce5-c833e8ad0c12","recycle":false,"links":["/groups/1","/sensors/6","/sensors/28","/scenes/tf5KTw1ML-Q3xDS","/rules/73","/scenes/qM3G7zWjbIODNRz","/rules/74","/scenes/zHgQwFq9RZBNKVP","/rules/75","/scenes/rWQbP36jiqGK9M7","/rules/76","/scenes/F32uZUVUtZYmNA9","/rules/77","/scenes/U9bBQnQTkIJbS4v","/rules/78","/scenes/6IBryBgWcvltpnV","/rules/79","/rules/80","/scenes/4v9oyTjWUnUlimg","/rules/81","/rules/82","/rules/83","/rules/84"]}}

I use a JSON Validator to make it more readable:

	"44022": {
		"name": "Alles-in-eenn regenboog",
		"description": "HueEssentialsEffect_1_Rainbow all-in-one",
		"type": "Link",
		"classid": 18,
		"owner": "2cfe76e4-055d-4591-bce5-c833e8ad0c12",
		"recycle": false,
		"links": ["/groups/1", "/sensors/6", "/sensors/28", "/scenes/tf5KTw1ML-Q3xDS", "/rules/73", "/scenes/qM3G7zWjbIODNRz", "/rules/74", "/scenes/zHgQwFq9RZBNKVP", "/rules/75", "/scenes/rWQbP36jiqGK9M7", "/rules/76", "/scenes/F32uZUVUtZYmNA9", "/rules/77", "/scenes/U9bBQnQTkIJbS4v", "/rules/78", "/scenes/6IBryBgWcvltpnV", "/rules/79", "/rules/80", "/scenes/4v9oyTjWUnUlimg", "/rules/81", "/rules/82", "/rules/83", "/rules/84"]

As you can see there are 2 /sensors/. Only the last one you gonna use.

In my case 28

Create a RESTful Switch in HA:

- platform: rest
  resource: https://<BRDIGE IP>/api/YOUR-CREATED-USERNAME/sensors/28/state
  name: "hue effects 1"
  body_on: '{"status": "1"}'
  body_off: '{"status": "0"}'
  method: put
  verify_ssl: false

Restart HA and now you able to turn on effects on Bridge :slight_smile:

I try this code but it’s don’t work for me … is that still working for you ?

I changed my whole setup and don’t use Hue Essentials anymore at all

Ok , thanks