Use normal home switch to trigger acions in HA

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Hi. I´d like to use a normal switch (of the same type as those already in my house walls), to trigger some “Exit home” actions (turn off several sonoffs, turn on alarm, camera, etc.). When I exit my house, I´ll turn off the entrance lights with a normal switch, and with a similar switch next, I´ll activate the “Exit home” actions. When I get back home I´ll change the switch position again.
Maybe make the swicth close a circuit with a resistor so a current detector detects current or voltage? Any other ideas? Thank you in advance

Hey, not knowing which kind of switch you have, probably the Shelly 1 is an option to make your normal switch a smart one.

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You could throw a Shelly1 or Fibaro unit behind your switches or just swap them out with traditional smart switches.

Other ideas would include mounting an old tablet/phone near your switches and having a dedicated Lovelace dashboard on it that you can tap as you leave/enter. Or, use a voice assistant (Google Assistant, Alexa, Siri, etc).

You could also use your phone as a device tracker and that way the house knows when you leave/arrive and will trigger actions based upon that action.

The switch I want to use is a completely normal analogic switch, of the 1990´s (same as the rest of the house), I don´t want to use smart switches “in the front”, but certainly I can use them behind.
Does the shelly has an “input” so that it can somehow detect the change of OFF to ON (or viceversa) of the normal switch, and so trigger actions? (that will work)

That’s exactly what it does.

Great. Thank you very much