Use of input number in a condition

I want this condition working, but keeps getting errors. Don’t now how to solve. Please help.

condition: numeric_state
entity_id: sensor.dif_comf_act
below: "{{ states('input_number.pelletkachel_temp_uit') |float(21)}}"
above: -0.3
condition: numeric_state
entity_id: sensor.dif_comf_act
below: input_number.pelletkachel_temp_uit
above: -0.3

Thanks I was thinking to difficult. It works. But I’m rolling in the following problem. I’m busy to control my stove with HA. It works great, but I need to adjust it for outside weather conditions. When the windspeed is too high I can’t use the lowest setting of the stove. I’m trying to set this with this:

device_id: 1b533d00e7517dd21686dbe383409f15
domain: climate
entity_id: climate.pelletkachel
type: set_preset_mode
preset_mode: nput_text.pelletkachel_power1

I change the last line with:

preset_mode: "{{ states('input_text.pelletkachel_power1')}}"


preset_mode: "input_text.pelletkachel_power1"

In the helper is a string: “manual P1”

I have to say the integration is (not yet) official. See GitHub - nghaye/ha-edilkamin

I get this error:

It’s likely that the integration doesn’t support an entity or a template in the preset_mode field. You will have to do a choose based on the input_text and hard-code the power levels into each “branch” of the script.

Thanks, I was hoping to make the automation easier and shorter. Becasue I have one automation monitoring the wind and does the settings. In the other automation I’m controlling the stove.
I asume it is a behavior of the integration? So the author can change that?