Use TCP/IP for USB devices and client/server setup

I have a strong server that I would like to run HA on, but cant have the sensors (zwave, conbee, rfx433, bt) close to the server as its the cellar.

Tried a couple of methods without extremely luck - tried USBIP / Virtualhere method, but I would like to avoid a 3rd party software. Today im using a HASS installation on a RPI 3b, but would like to be able to do one of the two

  1. Use USB units directly over TCP/IP (like HS does, where you can type in IP+port on USB devices to direct connect to them over a serial IP)
  2. Use the HA on the RPI to just forward and recieve events so low load, completely unattended and use a server installation of HA to do the heavy lifting.

Is any of those options possible as of today?

I haven’t set this up myself yet, but #2 sounds like a use case for MQTT Eventstream. I intend to set something like this up in the near future myself but just haven’t got around to it yet.

I use 15 foot USB cables to connect 2 Z Wave dongles and a Bluetooth dongle to a server in my basement. It may take some creative cable routing but you end up with a straight forward setup.

2 Z Wave dongles? I’m intrigued - are they both connected to a single HA instance or do you have multiple instances running?

I have two HA virtual machines running on a VMWare ESXi server. I have 2 incompatible Z Wave setups.

Look at this: