Use the same input on all time related fields

On the UI there are some inputs that show a time and date input, while others just accept a string, which is extremely error prone. For example, on automations, the duration/for shows this UI:


While the timeout is just a plain text input:

Will it be possible to unify this to also reduce potential user frustration?

You’ll have to specify the field and trigger, otherwise that could be anywhere.

also, don’t forget to vote for your own FR

Not sure what this mean. Can you explain a bit further or link to docs?

Also, there are redesigns in the works for the whole automation section. So this may be changed anyways.

Everything that’s presented in the UI is based on what field it represents in yaml. You’ve posted a very limited picture of a random field in the UI that’s auto generated based on the yaml. We are going to have to guess which field you’re talking about without further information.

This is the other way around, the yaml will be generated since I am using the UI editor from the beginning. My request is more broad, targeting all time input fields, but if I have to specify then this are on the automation.yaml:

  - wait_for_trigger:
    - platform: state
      entity_id: group.escalera_arriba_motion
      to: 'off'
      for: # This shows the proper UI
        hours: 0
        minutes: 0
        seconds: 0
    timeout: 00:01:01 #This is just a plain string input

Also, it is worth mentioning that, if you try to use the “object syntax” on the timeout field, this is what the UI renders:

Ah, then the FR should be change timeout on wait for trigger into a normal time input field.