Using alexa event id for kids weather automation

I am making an automation with Alexa for my kids. When they ask for the weather, it makes a kid-friendly response by recognizing their voice ID. I have retrieved their event_id from the event listening in developer tools but don’t know how to apply it to the automation.

alias: "Kids Weather "
description: ""
trigger: []
condition: []
  - service: weather.get_forecast
    metadata: {}
      type: daily
    response_variable: daily_forecast
      entity_id: weather.accuwather
  - variables:
      weather_entity: weather.home
      prompt: >-
        You are an all knowing AI that will be to a kid, please speak as if it
        was your child. Do not use emojis as this will be read out loud

        Do not say anything that is meant for grown ups

        Try and make the message fun and engaging

        What to say :  Please talk about todays weather and what is fun and
        interesting about it. 

        Give todays actual weather forecast
  - alias: Conversation Agent Notification Text
    service: conversation.process
      text: >-

        Weather: {{ daily_forecast.condition }} ({{ daily_forecast.temperature
        }}{{ temperature_unit }}, {{ daily_forecast.precipitation }}%

        {{ prompt }}
      agent_id: conversation.openai_conversation
    response_variable: agent
  - alias: Send notification
    service: notify.notify
      title: "{{ now().strftime('%A') }} Agenda"
      message: "{{ agent.response.speech.plain.speech }}"
  - service: notify.alexa_media
      message: "{{agent.response.speech.plain.speech}}"
        - media_player.animeking_echo_dot
        type: tts
    enabled: true
mode: single