Using Alexa Next_Alarm to change Input_DateTime

I’m trying to do make a two way automation for alarm clock. I want to be able to set an alarm off via alexa voice activation to be the trigger, and also want to be able to do it from the home assistant UI.
I have both already set up independently, but I’d like to make them work together, so that I can set my alarm via voice activation and have it change the input_datetime and input_boolean I have in home assistant UI, and preferably vice versa but if I can’t have the HA-based alarm clock change the alexa alarm, that’s okay since I’ll mostly be using the voice activation.

I found a post that showed me how to get the time in a proper format from another post, but is there a way to use that to change an input_datetime that will match the alexa alarm time? This works:

{{ as_timestamp(states('sensor.gym_echo_dot_next_alarm')) | timestamp_custom('%H:%M') }}