Using Elasticsearch to persist data

Is anyone using Elasticsearch to persist data?
I am currently using Influxdb + Grafana to show some historical data, but I am much more used to the ELK stack and I would like to use Elastic to store data and then use Grafana (or Kibana) to display it.

Here, Let Me Google That For You! Teach People How to Google.

There’s about half a dozen links for you to start with.

Wow, that Google thing seems so powerful.
Too bad that’s not a Home Assistant community I hoped I got input from.
I am not stupid, I know how to google. I came here to be able to exchange impressions with the community in case someone was in the same position I was.

Sure. I searched it and 7 of the first 8 links said Home Assistant, thought it would help you.

Sorry if it wasn’t…

Please feel free to ignore them if you wish.