Using HA with Zigbee in high-school for Art exhibition


I am a HA user and I am developing intelligent object courses for students in High-School.

I am now running a small club and the Art teacher came to me to know if we could use connected objects in interactive art exhibition. Basically, an exhibition is a small art scene organized by students

Here are the objects that we could be using:


  • Motions sensors,
  • RGB light bulbs,
  • Light sensors,
  • Vibration sensor,
  • Contact sensors,
  • Smart switches,
  • Water valves.


  • Sound

I will be using zigbee2mqtt. If you are aware of funny and interesting objects that could be used with
please let me know.

Kind regards,

Fun project! A floor mat with a pressure (or contact, or vibration) sensor under it could have interesting possibilities.

Interesting. This was also the idea of the Art Teacher.