Using Home Assistant for a single task on a Raspberry Pi 1

My brother is autistic and listens to music from a playlist on youtube on his TV via a Chromecast.

I thought it could be nice to have a IKEA button on his wall that he could simply press to start the playlist from start on the TV. Surely this is possible with Home Assistant I believe

To keep costs down I have a Raspberry Pi 1B collecting dust in my closet, and thought that maybe even though its below spec, I would be able to handle this single automation? Its not going to be used to anything else than this.

Would this be achievable ?

I use a Pi 1B to test the beta versions of HA. So yes, it should be doable. But updates take long !

I had a B+ running until 2 or 3 month ago. Over the last 10 or so updates, the time to do updates increased extreme. Restarts take long, too.

I had one Zigbee-Stick and one door-/window-sensor connected to it. It often took about a second to get a open/close response on the system. You can feel, that it is working at it’s limits.

It may work if you do the setup (Images für 1b only avaliable on github now) and stay with this configuration.

I’m trying to install in Rpi 1B but I can’t. Can you Help me with the installation?

latest version of HA OS for the PI1 can be found here :

it is 6.6, support has been dropped with HA OS 7.X