Using Hue sync box in home assistant without Hue bridge

Lovely home assistant users.
I have couple of Hue lights that are connected to HA using Zigbee2mqtt. I am wondering is there anyway to use Hue sync box in HA without having Hue bridge?

I never used it before as far as I know it only works for external devices that are connected using HDMI and not built-in TV apps. But in this link mentioned it is possible to integrated this one with a media player, does it mean that there is no need to connect the media player using HDMI to sync box?

What I know for information of Philips Hue page, sync box can’t work without a bridge.

Thanks for the response. I already saw the information on hue page but I thought since I want use HA maybe there is a way to get the IP and authentication code of sync box and connect it to the HA directly