Using remote_connect from sensor on phone when nabu cloud is disabled?

I did a search for this and I am sure I am missing something SUPER obvious. I tried to setup a node red flow so when my device is not on my wifi it knows I am away and activates the service remote_connect for nabu cloud. The issue is in companion I am using the wifi sensor. In the app I have the remote url set to the nabu cloud url so of course if the service from nabu cloud isn’t enabled the app can’t connect to tell home assistant when I am no longer on wifi. I have the local url set to my internal ip. This seems to be the case for any sensors on the app which makes perfect sense because if the app can’t connect to nabu cloud it won’t send the updated values.

So how is everyone determining they aren’t home anymore to enable remote_connect if the app is no longer able to connect and display sensor data? Wouldn’t it be the same for geofencing if I add that sensor in the app as well?