Using SK6812 and esp-idf?

Hello, I noticed that if I try to use the fastled-clockless or neopixelbus light platforms, they say they don’t support ESP-IDF. I have found ports of Neopixelbus and Fastled for esp-idf, but of course none are actively maintained.

Is there any way to control a single SK6812 when using the esp-idf framework with esphome?

I have the same question. Is there someone who can guide us in the right direction?

Looks like it is something that people are aware of, but it doesn’t seem like a priority.

I think that @jesserockz just landed esp-idf support for controlling sk6812 via the rmt peripheral: ESP32 RMT LED Strip — ESPHome

So that’s super neat!

I got it working indeed.

  - platform: esp32_rmt_led_strip
    id: ${id_name}_led
    name: ${friendly_name} Led
    rgb_order: GRB
    pin: GPIO27
    num_leds: 1
    rmt_channel: 0
    chipset: SK6812

  - platform: gpio
    id: ${id_name}_button
    name: ${friendly_name} Button
      number: GPIO39
      inverted: true
        - light.turn_on: ${id_name}_led
        - light.turn_off: ${id_name}_led