Using Snips to start a TV Show

I have Snips in my house and also a couple Rokus. Rather than have to use a remote control like some kind of caveman I had to set it up to start playing shows for me of course.

The first trick is to get the content IDs. I basically set up a scraper for a site that allows you to browse Netflix and Amazon shows. I use that to build a yaml file with a list of content ids.

I also use that list to build a text file that I can import into my TV Show slot for my Snips assistant. You really need specific matches for Snips to recognize it as a show name and not a collection of words.

The last bit a custom function in my AppDaemon module that uses the fuzzy matching module to match for a TV Show and then using the content IDs to send that to the Roku.


  • The script to grab shows could be a lot better. It misses shows at times. It basically does searches based on some criteria and includes an extras file I have to include some hand done content. Need to winnow that down since the 1600 or so shows is overkill and I won;t be watching Melrose Place.
  • Amazon doesn’t play nice of course since they want you to buy Alexa and a Fire stick for this so it doesn’t auto play.

Code is all in my GitHub, if anyone is interested in more details I can expand on this comment.

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